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Tamco Filtration

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality dust collection bags, needle felts, filter cartridges, sleeves, filter machineries and hardware. We understand the unique needs of manufacturers and the importance of project timelines, top of the line products, and efficient customer service in keeping plant shutdown times to a minimum.

We deeply understand the filtration process and know that each and every piece of equipment is vitally important in the process of filtration, to this end, we aim to help you meet and exceed the quality standards of your product, we provide our customers with the finest quality filter medias, at the most economical price, in the shortest amount of time, guaranteed.



Our Products

  • Strainer Bags ftr

    Strainer Bags ftr

    We offer a wide range of media choices to meet all micron and operating temperature specifications. Particle retention ranges from submicron to 2,000 microns. Available in felt, mono filament and multi filament media types in:

    • * Cotton
    • * Nomex
    • * Nylon
    • * Polyester
    • * Polypropylene
    • * Teflon
  • Air Filter Cartridges

    Air Filter Cartridges:


    • » 100% metal top and end caps (can resist up to 300 °C)
    • » Available media: Fiber glass, P-84, Aramid, PTFE
    • » Heavy duty construction bands of stainless steel
    • » Can be fitted into all existing pulse jet bag houses
    • » Available in all standard sizes.
  • Dust Filter Bags

    Dust Filter Bags:

     We have the capacity to produce thousands of filter bags made from Nomex, Polyester, PPS, Fiber Glass including membranes.

    We can custom fabricate various types of attachments to work with your specific pulse jet system or mechanical shaker. Top styles in Snap Band, Ms Ring or just Raw Cut.

    Availabel with various surface treatments like: Calendering, heat Setting, Singeing, Membrane Lamination with added coatings.

  • Centrifuge bags

    Centrifuge bags

      We produce centrifuge bags for various centrifuge manufacturers, primarily using PP and PET fabrics.

  • Filter belts for vacuum belt filters

    Filter belts for vacuum belt filters

    Our standard portfolio includes double layer filter belts, whether fabric or laminate. Double layer fabrics (DLF) are produced from PP and PET. Stainless steel or plastic connectors and protective edge coating are also available.

  • Centrifuge bags

    Filter cloths

    One of our core business areas is manufacturing double, overhang or curtain press cloths. We have filter cloths to fit all known makes of press. In addition, we also produce filter belts for automatic tower press filters.

  • Bag Housing

    Bag Housing

    Our comprehensive range of filter bag housings is designed and manufactured to give high performance in even the most critical and

    demanding applications. Our customers have a wide choice of models and options to suit all needs.

    • * Dual series

    • * Multi Bag Filter Vessels

    • * Special Option and Custom made Vessels

    • * Polypropylene series 11/12



    Our comprehensive ranges of cast-iron and polypropylene plates filter press are the best in the industry.

    • » Fully Automatic Filter Press

    • » Semi-Automatic Filter Press

    • » Manually operated filter press

    • » Membrane filter press


  • Cages & Venturies

    Cages & Venturies

    Cage constructions typically consist of 10, 12 or 20 vertical wires, The horizontal ring spacing on the cage can be 4″, 6″ or 8″, Wire thickness ranges are; 9 gauge, 10 gauge and 11 gauge.


     » Carbon Steel
     » 304 Stainless Steel
     » 316 Stainless Steel


    » Epoxy (High Temp <325°)
    » Galvanized Steel

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